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Paul Searles (keyboards) joined the band late 1993. In 1994, Skunkhour signed with Id/Mercury and kept busy during the year with the release of two acclaimed CD EPs, 'State' (May) and 'McSkunk' (October).

The band's second album, 'Feed' (April 1995), and its first for new label Sony/Epic, featured a more adventurous and varied sound than the debut. It produced two CD EPs, `Up to Our Necks' (April) and `Sunstone' (July). Skunkhour signed an international deal with prestigious UK label Acid Jazz, which issued the 'Feed' album in Europe to a positive response.

Late 1995 / early 96 saw Skunkhour tour Europe, the UK and the USA. 1996 also saw the departure of Del.

"I asked Del if he had any new material for the next album...he said, 'Mate, I've got nothing, still', and I'm like, 'Well, you're stuffed, aren't you?' I told him he should leave because I could see that (the touring) was really doing his head in. Even when we had been recording Feed he felt very strange about the life he was leading, so I guess by the second overseas tour he was really hating the time away from his fiancee." -- Aya.

He has since married, started a family, and is currently working as an Animator for Disney in Sydney.

Did this mean the end was nigh for Skunkhour? It would seem so. A decision had to be made as to whether Skunkhour should replace Del, or forge ahead as a five-piece. They chose the latter.

"I don't think we could have really found anyone else, especially with that distinctive Australian socio-political lyric cool rap thing he had going on" - Aya.