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Sydney Morning Herald (20/10/94) - "Funk's Blood Brothers" (i-view with Aya & Del).

Sun Herald (6/05/95) - "Two Out for a Feed" - strange i-view combining music-talk with food.

Sun Herald (4/02/96) - "Skunks Talk Turkey" - Skunkhour were heading off to Istanbul, so Aya bought a soccer ball (read on to see what I'm on about...).

Illawarra Mercury (11/12/97) - "Into Controlled Chaos" (i-view with Warwick).

Sydney Morning Herald (7/08/97) - "Skunkhour of Departure" - read about how the band was going to relocate to Europe due to a weird "relationship" with the Australian music scene.

Sun Herald (2/08/97) - "Skunk's 11th Hour" - Aya discusses Del's departure and how 'Deano' saved the band with a killer bassline.

Sydney Morning Herald (3/07/98) - "Rip Rip Chin Chin" - Aya reels off some frightening forest-destruction stats.

Sun Herald (22/08/99) - "All in the Timing" - Aya's got a little black book...of sorts!

Sun Herald (1/04/01) - "Man of the Hour" - Aya talks about his encounters with psychopaths and surviving the period between albums.

Illawarra Mercury (05/01) - "Band on the Go" - a little something from my local paper.

Herald Sun (20/05/01) - a review of the Go.

The Age (11/05/01) - another review...

Sydney Morning Herald (29/06/01) - "Back to Bass" - i-view with "Mr Beanie". I didn't say it.

Drum Media - Details the recording process of the Go.

Revolver - A bit more of the same.

Revolver - Wanna see an example of a poor gig review, where the band members rather than the actual performance, are criticised?

Revolver - Aya let's us know what his favourite Australian tunes are.

Sydney Morning Herald (6/07/01) - "Remixing the Bard - To Beat or Not to Beat" - Aya talks Shakespeare.

Sunday Telegraph (18/11/01) - "Band Announces Funk's Final Hour" - Aya explains Skunkhour's decision to split.

Revolver (19/11/01) - "Like Skunks Through the Hourglass" - a fucking awesome article about fucking Skunkhour's fucking history (you'll notice the abundant use of the word 'fuck' in this article ;)).

Drum Media (19/11/01) - "Skunkhour say Farewell" - Michael explains a bit about the split.

Daily Telegraph (21/11/01) - "Skunks out to relive Finest Hours" - Michael reflects on almost 10 years of Skunkhour.



2001 Cleo Bachelor of the Year Competition - Check out Aya "I probably came 49th" Larkin's CBOTY entry... ;)

Who Weekly - Aya talks about the fear of public speaking (I empathise...).

Sain - Michael and Aya touch on subjects like how they first met as kiddies, the live music scene and the meaning of the expression, "the go".

B - This is so sweet!

Rolling Stone - Aya models some expensive threads, talks about his first gig and Paul's slovenly ways *tsk tsk*.