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The single 'Gold Radiation' was released in April 2001, followed by their fourth album, 'The Go' (May) to great critical acclaim:

Skunkhour have finally made the record they were born to do...With eager positivity and resilient quality production, (Home is a legendary musical vision of homecoming joy, adorable, enjoyable and flamboyant), The Go is the greener grass the band has pursued for years and should be by innumerable discerning consumers. ***** -- Luke Buckle, Revolver.

If only. July 2001 saw Skunkhour make the decision to end their odyssey on a high note, rather than maintain where they were at and slide off into mediocrity.

There simply weren't enough people in the industry in their corner. Singles like Home, Kick in the Door and Gold Radiation connected with established fans but the band felt frustrated with the lack of support from their record label, Universal Music Australia. "We got back to being an alternative force, despite JJJ's support and the fact we can draw crowds bigger than most...we didn't make it easy for the radio programmers to put us on. Australia is still a very white rock land, and we were the bridge for people into the world of funk music...We played the Metro about a month or so after the release of the album and it was pretty obvious that Universal weren't in a position to...they weren't gonna get behind it...any initiatives to get us on any other radio, or any of the things that you sign to a major (label) for." -- Aya.

An official statement was released in October, and it was announced that Skunkhour would tour one last time to farewell to the thousands of fans who supported them during their 10-year career. The shows were phenomenally successful, selling out in most, if not all, of the cities they visited.